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Interview: Organ, mundane or sacred?

New interview of Francis taken by TV Fil 78. Last summer french region of Yvelines enjoyed the 3rd series of organ concerts, “La Ronde des Orgues”, and surely Francis Vidil participated in this event.


Moscow Rehearsal

Polonaise of Frederic Chopin, rehearsal recording for Francis Vidil’s concert “Music treasures of Versailles” in Moscow on June 21st 2013.

Francis Vidil on French TV Fil 78

Le président de l’association “Éclats d’orgue à Lévis-Saint-Nom” nous présente l’instrument installé au cœur de l’Eglise. Plus de dix ans et plus de 300 bénévoles ont été nécessaires pour le rénover.

The president of the “Éclats d’orgue à Lévis-Saint-Nom” presents the instrument located in the heart of the Church. More than ten years and more than 300 volunteers were needed to renovate it.

Was broadcasted on May 2nd 2011 on TV FIL 78.

Francis’ concerts in Russia (2010)

It is always a pleasure to see that music helps people, in this case, Francis’ charity concert in Saratov, Russia, organized in August 2010 to help and support orphans. Even though not very much is understood from the video, you can tell the general message is positive with no doubt.